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Pepe and Toro on the lookout

“What’s that tall stone thing?” Pepe asked, after the two chums had climbed up into yet another tree. “Is it a lighthouse?” Toto knew the answer. “No. That’s a torre, or a tower”, he replied. “You can find warning towers like this all along the Spanish coast, down by the seaside like this one. TheJatka lukemista ”Pepe and Toro on the lookout”

Down by the river – Pepe and Toro meet some animals

Pepe and Toro love castles and mountains. They think they are exciting places. One sunny day, they travelled to a little town called Jimena de la Frontera, which sits on the side of a hill and has a fine old castle above it. Pepe and Toro naturally wanted to go up there to look atJatka lukemista ”Down by the river – Pepe and Toro meet some animals”